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Project Management

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Samrat specializes in moving and transporting large and non-standard size cargo. Samrat provides innovative solutions to carry extraordinarily large and heavy packages. We facilitate expansion of project opportunities by offering tailor made solutions within your parameters. Our business model urges us to push our job beyond cargo handling. It is a careful blend of customer service, on-time deliveries and is centered around making your job simpler. So, outsource your logistics related burdens to Samrat for any project, any size, to and from any location.

For orders that involve door-to-job site and reciprocal deliveries, Samrat helps you right from cargo handling at the source to heavy lift operations to putting together the required permits, paperwork & permissions. Warehousing, marine insurance and customs broking also fall within the purview of our responsibilities. Once you hand over charge of your consignment, practically all peripheral requirements are tackled by Samrat.



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